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EV Charger Installation

We specialize in installation of home electric car charging stations & home rewiring to allow for EV charger installation.


EV Charger Services

Residential, Commercial, You Name It, We’ll Be There!

Not only are electric cars great for the environment, but they are also inexpensive to charge, especially if you have access to a home charging station. To get the most out of your electric car, a properly equipped charging station at your own home is essential. It is estimated that electric vehicle owners do more than 80% of their charging at home. This allows them to take advantage of the low, stable rates of residential electricity. If you’re looking into an electric car charger installation at your residence for efficient and convenient car charging, Mission Electric is here to help! We can't wait to work with you

EV Charger Levels

Level 1 EV Charging

  • Location: Residential

  • Voltage: 120V

  • Charging Rate: 4 miles/hour

  • Charging Duration: 30+ hours

Level 1 EV Charging

  • Location: Residential, Commercial

  • Voltage: 240V

  • Charging Rate: 20-37 miles/hour

  • Charging Duration: 8-12 hours

Level 1 EV Charging

  • Location: Commercial

  • Voltage: 480+V

  • Charging Rate: 3-15 miles/minute

  • Charging Duration: 30 minutes to 80%

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