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Residential Services

Reliable Licensed Electrician Serving Connecticut

At Mission Electric, LLC we work with residential clients to install, repair, and maintain all lighting fixtures. This includes lighting for your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, patio, garage, and more. We also service and install all electrical equipment, including electrical appliance hookups, electronics, computers, and home theater equipment. Renovating your home? We'll work with you to add, modify, and update electrical wiring and lighting features.

Why Choose Us?

Electrical problems in your home can be both concerning and confusing. Why does that light switch only sometimes work? Why does one appliance stop working as soon as another starts?  We are proud to offer services for electrical repair residential in Hartford County, Tolland County, and the surrounding areas.

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Trusted by Locals

Our success is only possible because of our loyal customers and we take pride in earning your trust through years of quality service. Take a look at our Google reviews and see for yourself!

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With our years of experience combined, we can provide a range of services to ensure your property is safe and well maintained. From installing electrical systems, repairing damaged equipment, or even rewiring the whole house if needed - we are here for you!

Our commitment to you is that all work performed meets code requirements and our license and insurance are in effect the entire time we are working on your property.

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We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our dedication to our customers and their needs, and our high standards of quality. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service, excellent workmanship and competitive prices.


Common Repairs

Some of the most common repairs Mission Electric performs include:

  • Tripping Breakers

  • Blinking Lights 

  • Outlets That Don't Work

  • GFCIS Keep Tripping

  • Rusty Electrical Panels and Pipes

  • Bad Smells or Buzzing Sounds

  • Bad Grounding

  • And More!

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